Fendi Peekaboo

Just take a normal bag. Make it larger, paint it black and call it a Man bag.


That’s exactly what Fendi did with the peekaboo. This popular quirky bag has eyes that give the bag a personality of its own.  The authentic version retails for $6650.00. Yikes. I knew I had to find a quality replica.

The Quality

I’m tempted to believe my replica was an authentic that someone took from the factory. I doubt a sales associate at a Fendi store would be able to detect that this is a replica. It is absolutely stunning! I’m having trouble finding errors that would classify it as a knock-off. I am super impressed by the quality of this replica Fendi Peekaboo. Nothing about this bag feels cheap.

The leather is soft, thick and supple and has a rich, leathery aroma. The stitching on the sides is perfect.

The Interior

The interior even seems like it uses the highest of quality fabrics. The bag is divided into two compartments. The rear has a zippered closure to keep it closed and secure. The front has a latch that can attach to a metal hook. When hooked closed it is a unassuming black leather briefcase. When unhooked, the slanted yellow leather eyes look back at you with a glaring attitude. Latching and unlatching this hook is very satisfying. This compartment has a pocket with a perfectly stitched, thick leather zipper pull. The zipper pulls easily with no drag. The pocket is trimmed in a red leather to make it look like a mouth. The interior Fendi metal plaque is clear and defined.

The rear compartment is slightly smaller than the front and it does close completely with a zipper that can detach from each other creating a wider space, which may allow you to add a few more items in there.

It’s Uses

It’s not the most practical as a weekend bag as you wouldn’t be able to fit in an entire weekends worth of clothes. You could easily fit your laptop and many folders and papers.

It is a serious bag when the latch is closed and a fun bag when open where you can change its personality in an instant by showcasing those yellow leather eyes and red trimmed pocket. I’m just waiting for it to growl at me one of these days! It comes with a stitched strap to carry on your shoulder when your hands get full.

I can see some very dapper men using this bag as an added flare to their personality. This is a dual design bag. It can be subtle and classy or it can be flashy and intriguing with its monster eyes. I also love when woman carry men’s bags. It’s a bold choice and goes against the grain of just buying pretty bags.

You can save over $6,000 by using this replica instead of the authentic version. If you are interested in my reviews of replica bags, donate to my site and I will gift you a bag of your choice. The donation required for this bag is $600. Savings of over 90%!


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