Hermes Birkin 30

Here we have another Hermes Birkin! This time it’s a 30 in etoupe. There are a lot of us that would like to own a Birkin. There are more of us that don’t have $15,000 to drop on a leather bag. Luckily, we have hard working Chinese workers who are making replicas of Hermes Birkin and offering them for a fraction of the price. I scour the world for the best replicas of all designers. I package each one up better than the original luxury brands.

This is a very popular color Birkin. The technical name is etoupe, more commonly known as grey. It’s matched with silver hardware. I’m not sure if I would like gold hardware on this color. The leather is likely Togo or Clemence. Both are very common Hermes Leather.

Add a Charm from Louis Vuitton to add a little bling to your bag. I have a Tapage in stock and can get a few others. I’ve heard that once you start charming your bags, it’s hard to stop.

I just found out about Barenia Leather. A natural leather that is almost impossible to find in a Birkin. ┬áMaybe one day I’ll be able to find a replica version of that bag. I look forward to that review.

Required donation: This bag is SOLD
Hermes Birkin hiding in it’s dust bag.

We can see the Birkin finally peeking out.

Stamp is very clean.



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