What replicas do you want?

So If I were to find some more amazing replicas, what are some of the design you are looking for?  I love looking for the best replicas and seeing how correct they can make them. It is my joy to find these high quality bags and then donate them to fans of my site.

I mainly buy pieces to use when I travel. They don’t get used a whole lot so they are able to last much longer and  are in nicer, newer condition than if  you were to daily use them.

Either way its a bargain to buy replica. If all of my luggage were authentic, we would be looking at well over $40,000. A ridiculous some of money.  I’m able to have an entire selection of fancy designer luggage for the price of one authentic piece. Then I’ll have more money to travel because I didn’t spend a years wage on clothes haulers.

I like buying Hermes because their design is simple and classy. Looks very expensive. Celine is a classically understated brand. I like buying travel Louis Vuitton’s but usually stay away from their trendy pieces. I have keepalls in pretty much every pattern.

Here are a few I’m interested in finding for you guys.

Prada Inside bag
Fendi Peekaboo
Mullbery Clipper
Some more Hermes, Victoria, Double leather, Kelly
Chloe Drew & Faye
Celine belt
Birkins, Birkins, Birkins
Small accessories to put in and on your replicas

What else are you people looking for?

I will be posting photos soon of a Black Birkin 35, Purple Birkin 35, Brown Birkin 35, Blue Birkin 35, Kelly 35 Chocolate with Gold hardware, a Fendi Peekaboo, Chloe Drew, Hermes Jypsiere, Louis Vuitton Pettite Malle and a Goyard Tote.


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