Louis Vuitton Monogram Toiletry Pouch 19

Now here is a special little niche of replicas. Replicas to put inside our replicas. This will most likely never be seen by the public so why spend extra money on a Louis Vuitton replica to store your items used in the bathroom? An authentic pouch 19 cost $370. Crazy!

I have had less designed toiletry bags before but they are always boring and I lose interest in them. I want everything I own to be something that I specifically choose and will want to keep it for the life of the product. I will just use the savings from buying a replica Louis Vuitton suitcase and use those proceeds to buy a replica toiletry bag.   I still save thousands of dollars.

I used to think it was crazy to have all your little things in its own organized container.

Until I started using little pouches to store items in my luggage. It made searching for things much easier and packing is a joy trying to make everything look good. I think you also feel a little sophisticated and ‘adult’ when you are this organized. This one is my personal used one. For $100 donation you can add this (a new one of course) to really complete your collection and organize your bags!

Every thing lines up just like the authentic version. Patterns are cut evenly across.

One piece of canvas is used making the LV’s upside down on the reverse side.

The pattern continues and is pretty seamless across the entire pouch.

Although the photo isn’t the best. The LV is crisp on the zipper. It is also made of metal and is cold to the touch.

The extra zipper length at the end really allows this bag to fully open to get your things in and out.

The inside is the same canvas and can be wiped clean. I have no done that to mine yet.

Laying on its side zipped closed.


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