Louis Vuitton Dentelle Speedy 30

The Louis Vuitton Speedy Dentelle is an interesting limited edition. It has been stitched with a metal thread. It belongs better in an art gallery than to be used to haul your items around. The real leather handles have developed a beautiful dark patina. This is a 10 year old replica. I’m hesitant to offer this because of the rarity and they no longer make these replicas anymore. Make me an offer. Authentic ones are reselling on ebay for up to $2,000.

louis vuitton straight on dentellelouis vuitton speedy dentelle close up stitch
The yellow stitching is perfect across and the red trim on the leather is still spotless

louis vuitton speedy dentelle locklouis vuitton dentelle perfect stitch
Even number of perfect stitching on all sides

louis vuitton speedy interior stamp
Not the best example of a leather imprint, but no one is looking in the bag all too often. The stitching cleans up the look of the less then perfect stamp.

louis vuitton speedy corner dentellelouis vuitton speedy dentelle bottomlouis vuitton speedy dentelle nomade keepall 50


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