Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite Roadster

The Louis Vuitton keepall is probably one of the most popular pieces LV makes. Its convenient and simple design makes it a celebrity must have. If you look at paparazzi photos of celebrities at the airport, there is a 90% chance they will be carrying a keepall of some design or another.

The only downfall to the keepall is the opening. Sometimes it does get a little difficult to get clothes in and out of. Luckily for those who would rather not deal with fuss, the Roadster solves all the problems of the keepall. Its ‘U’ shape zipper opens the entire top of the bag creating an clearing to fit your bulkiest of sweaters and shoes.

It has taken the popular Damier pattern and made it a little more manly by turning it to gray scale. The authentic version of this replica cost over $2,200! Since I don’t want to waste a months wage on a bag, I choose to buy replicas. I can buy 15 replicas for the price of one real piece. This is my most used¬†Louis Vuitton replica. ¬†Plenty of room for a weekend getaway.

If you are interested in this bag please contact me. Donation Required: $280

The wide handles make it easy for you to mange. The strap is long enough to rest at your waist.

I use this little compartment for my papers when traveling. I don’t want to dig into my luggage each time so I usually put my passport back here for an easy grab.

I don’t know of another bag that offers such a wide opening.

The lack of rigid support really make this a casual bag

Solid hardware all around

Perfect stitching

Nicely embossed LV on the zippers

Nice stitch on the tag and a very clean print of the name

A Louis Vuitton Roadster replica along side a Louis Vuitton Keepall 55 Replica in Damier Graphite

rbr-louis-vuitton-roadster-graphite-rockA Replica LV Roadster filled, but not stuffed, for a few days away.


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