Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Convertible

Bottega Veneta is a classy brand. They aren’t known for their logos. They are known for their woven leather. Which creates in instantly identifiable bag without having logos. Smart. Here you have an understated design that packs a lot of punch. With the detail of the leather and the intricately woven leather strands, you know this took time for some artisan to create. It looks like it cost a pretty penny. Retail on this bag is over $3,100. Crazy talk.

This bag doesn’t shout as its being carried down the street but it sure is standing tall. It’s not afraid of the spotlight but doesn’t seek it out. It’s the perfect bag for a weekend getaway to haul your most basic items. It’s big enough for a change of outfit or two and your toiletry essentials. It has claps on the side you can use to make it more duffle like than tote like. The first picture has the claps locked in.

The inside is clean and smooth. Very rich feeling suede lines the interior. It has a zippered pocket along with a cell phone/key pouch.

For a donation of $310, which is 90% off retail,  I will gift this Bottega Veneta bag to you.



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